SHYU, A Thai - Japanese Marketing Research Firm Based in Thailand

We are a management team combining Thai and Japanese diversified cultural backgrounds, expertise, and connections for brand development and marketing. Our services involve extensive research and analysis both on products and on consumers. We cater exclusively for brand owners both local and international. Our ultimate goal is success to the brand and satisfaction to the brand owner.

More About SHYU
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Our Services & Approaches

Quantitative & Qualitative Research with Various Methods

We offer Quantitative Research with various interview methods such as intercept, central location, door-to-door, etc. We propose only non-random sampling which includes different conventional approaches such as convenience, purposive, quota, and snowball.

We also offer Qualitative Research with various methods such as group discussion, business-to-business, etc., and many psychological tools.

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Our Network Scale

Strong Relationship with Market Research Firm over 10 Countries in Asia

We have close relationship in a network with local stretegy and market research companies sharing similar philosophies in Asia. Through long years of close relationship personal favor can be asked and obtained from them, resulting in bonus to our end-clients. This network enables us to offer services of high quality while at cost more competitive than major global research companies.

Our Facilities

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